25 Pack 10ml Plastic Syringes with 18Ga (Individually Sealed Packaging)

Style: 10ml-18gauge
UnitCount: 25.0
Sale price$20.00


  • Industrial Dispensing Syringe : 25pcs 10ml 18Gauge plastic industrial syringes, each syringe is individually sealed packaging.
  • High Quality: Thick barrel, clear & well-printed measuring marks, and smoothly working plunger.
  • Luer Lock and Safety Cap: Luer lock syringe makes the needle will not fall off easily, and the protective cover makes it more secure.
  • Wide Usage: Can be used for ink refilling, measuring and dispensing fluid, essential oil, perfume separator, lubricants, sealants, glue adhesives applicator, pets and animal supplies, etc.
  • NOTE: Only for animal, industrial, science lab and experiments using or as home tools.
25pcs 10ml/cc 18Ga disposable syringe pack - very wide-range in application, you can use it for a refill, measuring and dispensing any liquid, like garden water, essential oil, CA glue,crafting, etc. It can also be used for scientific experiments, pets and animal supplies

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