Mindsight 'Breathing Buddha' Guided Visual Meditation Tool for Mindfulness

Color: Multicolor
Size: Buddha
Sale price$32.00


  • 🧠 WHAT IT’S FOR – daily guided breathing can reduce stress & anxiety, improve sleep & overall well-being, and ultimately help you live in the moment by building moment to moment awareness
  • 🧠 HOW TO USE IT – easy to follow fade-in, fade-out color prompts that simulate the popular 4/7/8 'calming breath'. Green Buddha - Inhale , Purple Buddha – Hold, Blue Buddha – Exhale
  • 🧠 WHO IT’S FOR – adults & kids who might benefit from a gentle daily reminder to 'pause & reset'; visual learners who might prefer guided open-eyed meditation (those who find closing eyes harder to focus); beginning to advanced Meditation practicioners; those interested in Mindfulness (living in the moment); Teachers & Counselors
  • 🧠 WHERE TO USE IT - fits perfectly on desk or nightstand or wherever you might benefit from a reminder. Practice at home, work, school .. or as part of a wind down routine before bed
  • 🧠 FEATURES - Premium Silicone. 3.5x4x6 inches. Long battery life = 2 months @ 10 min/day. Preset calming color cycles & auto shut off after 3 hrs
The Mindsight Breathing Buddha creates a gentle daily reminder to pause and focus on mindful breathing during your busy day. A great alternative form of meditation for those who prefer open eyed meditation or struggle to focus while meditating.

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