Sterilized Grain Bag (3LB)

Size: 3
Sale price$35.00


  • RAPID COLONIZATION BLEND: A proprietary mix of Millet and Hardwood Oak that guarantees a high-yield colonization that is superior to traditional grain substrates, such as Rye Berries. Millet's size maximizes the surface area in which mycelium can grow, and hardwood Oak ensures the moisture content is perfectly distributed. Mycologists consider this blend as the fastest colonizing mix on the market!
  • PERFECT FOR MEDICINAL AND GOURMET MUSHROOMS: Whether you are growing lions mane, oyster, medicinal mushrooms, or many other species of mushrooms, this substrate will provide the nutrients your mycelium will love!
  • SUPERIOR STERILIZATION PROCESS: Our proprietary sterilization process is best-in-class and includes hospital-grade sterility testing.
  • EASY TO USE: Perfect for inoculation via spore injection, grain-to-grain, or by adding agar directly to the bag. Works great for at-home hobbyists and large-scale cultivators.
  • NO INJECTION PORT NEEDED: Our team of mycologists designed this product so you can inject a liquid culture syringe directly into the bag without the need for a self healing injection port. Simply insert your needle into the grain bag, inject the liquid culture into the grain, and cover the point of injection with tape.

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